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3/24/2015 6:00:00 AMColumn: Saying goodbye to the real McCoyMiner Staff ReporterJudge Kathy McCoy has been the magistrate of Kingman Municipal Court for more than three decades. When she walks into a well-earned retirement June 30, McCoy will leave behind a legacy that will be difficult for any of her successors to match.For one, McCoy will likely be the last person to hold a judgeship in Mohave County who doesn't have a law degree. The City Council at last week's meeting, in a discussion regarding the job description of McCoy's future replacement, made it a minimum requirement that the person be a lawyer.For another, McCoy - despite not being the holder of a juris doctorate - has presided over thousands of cases over 30 years and she has, without fail, conducted herself with dignity and integrity at every one of them.While municipal judges hear relatively minor cases, McCoy is part judge and part sociologist, part nurturer and part punisher.She has heard criminal misdemeanor cases, civil traffic offenses and a handful of minor juvenile cases such as graffiti, consumption of alcohol and truancy. Through it all, she did her best to treat the people who appeared in front of her with the respect they deserved.For McCoy, serving as a judge for so many years wasn't a job, but a calling."I like what I do," said McCoy in an interview with the Miner in November 2013 - the last year she signed one of many two-year contracts with the city.She will be missed.Ward versus McCainKingman Republican leader Dr. Larry Schiff is an intelligent man with a good sense of humor, but he wasn't joking when he said state Sen. Kelli Ward will need to raise at least $10 million if she's going to have a chance to unseat the mighty John McCain in the 2016 primary election.This is probably a low-ball figure. While I have no comment on the obstacles Ward will have to overcome to beat McCain, my mind continues to boggle over the fact she must raise $10 million to win election to a job that pays $170,000 a year.Roughly $2.6 billion - billion with a B - was spent in the 2012 presidential campaign. That buys a lot of rubber chicken.What a windfall - $2.6 billion and all of it shoved down a rabbit hole. You'd think more than two families and a few others would want to dabble in presidential politics.With that kind of easy-to-hide cash, you could come in last place and still come out ahead.All roads lead to RhodesIf the Bureau of Land Management does indeed discover Las Vegas developer and Golden Valley farmer Jim Rhodes cut illegal roads on federal land in the Red Lake area, the wealthy homebuilder could find himself in a problem of his own making.The BLM takes its mission seriously, if not myopically, and you better believe umpteen studies would have to be completed before any roads are green-lighted.If true, what this might do to Rhodes' plan to trade private property for BLM-managed land so he can consolidate his farm operation is anyone's guess, but this story could get far more interesting as the investigation continues.Beholden to the Mother RoadThe goal to turn last year's one-time-only International Route 66 Festival into an annual event is laudable.Blending it with the already popular Andy Devine Days will undoubtedly fill up Kingman's hotels, motels, restaurants, gas stations and shops.We'll have cowboys and cruisers.Now, all we have to do is figure out how to convince downtown property owners that now would be a good time to spruce up storefronts.The only way Kingman can take advantage of its enviable location on the iconic highway is to give people what they want: Make Route 66 look like Route 66. http://oakleysunglasses.jennrush.com/ - oakley sunglasses public
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03/21/2015 02:33:59 PM PDT http://toryburch.hotelwestpoint.com/ - tory burch outlet They say that true rock musicians, by nature, often court danger. Back in the day, the likes of The Who, Pink Floyd and, naturally, The Rolling Stones, put out music with rough and ready edges and also proffered a public profile that often put the authorities noses out of joint.Andrey Makarevich also appears to be a bona fide member of that devil-may-care league.The veteran Russian rocker has voiced his opposition to Vladimir Putin s decision to annex Crimea and, thus far, has survived the inevitable fallout from the powers that- be relatively unscathed.The 61-year-old Makarevich will come to Israel with a ten-piece band for gigs in Haifa, Tel Aviv, Ashdod and Beersheba from March 28 to April 1.As a youngster growing up in the Soviet Union, it was difficult for Makarevich to get a handle on what was going down on the pop and rock scene in the US and Britain. But, it seems, where there s a will there s a way. Makarevich and his pals, who hungered for what was for them the sound of freedom, managed to get into the grooves of the 1960s by tuning in to radio stations like Radio Luxembourg and Radio Free Europe.That is, when the Soviet authorities didn t jam the airwaves.It was the Fab Four who first tugged at Makarevich s musical heartstrings. Yes, sure, we got into The Beatles, and we started our first band because of them, he recalls. That was very important for us, to hear and play that music. We got hold of tapes smuggled in from abroad and sent by Russians living outside the country. Makarevich and his friends dived headlong into the well of Western rock and pop and, by the time he was 16, Mashina Vremeni had been formed. That was in 1969, right in the middle of the rock heyday. The band s output was predominantly inspired by contemporary Western rock and blues, with Makarevich, who sang and played lead guitar, writing all the lyrics.Naturally, the Soviet authorities took a dim view of such Western pursuits, but the youngsters happily plowed on with insouciant fervor. When you re young, you re not afraid of anything, Makarevich notes. We lived the music, 24 hours a day listening to music and playing music. Nothing else interested us. The band quickly gained underground popularity, playing at small clubs and colleges, and always on the lookout for the police. We had to be careful, but we had a great time, Makarevich recalls.Things became more serious in 1979. It stopped being funny then because the 1980 Olympic Games were coming up, and the Soviet authorities wanted to make sure everything was nice and clean and there was no trouble before all the athletes from other countries came here, he explains, adding that, surprisingly, things soon improved. There was a liberal minister of culture in the Soviet Union back then, and in 1980 the group was invited to tour the country. We played stadiums, and it was great. The good times lasted for a while, and then it got even better in 1985 when Mikhail Gorbachev became president and initiated his glasnost openness approach. Suddenly the world opened up for Makarevich and the band, and invitations to play in places like Japan and the States came flooding in. People had heard our music abroad, probably because of Russians who lived outside the country, says Makarevich. We found out that we had been sent invitations before that too, but the authorities didn t let us know. While Makarevich made his name plying his trade on the grungier side of the rock scene and flying in the face of authority in the process, he says he has spread his musical wings over the years and is coming here with a very different musical offering. The repertoire he will play at his four shows here comes from his Yiddish Jazz program, a project that has spawned two albums to date Yiddish Jazz and Yiddish Jazz 2.The numbers he and the band will perform in Israel include songs in Yiddish, Russian and English, with such timeless nuggets as Bei Mir Bist Du Schein, Matza Balls, written by non-Jewish jazz pianist-guitarist Slim Gaillard in the 1930s, and Minnie the Moocher, which was written by Jewish songwriter Irving Milles and Cab Calloway, with the latter making the song a smash hit in the 1930s. The Yiddish Jazz song list also features some Makarevich originals which, he says, will add something a little different to the feel of the shows here. Now I get more pleasure from playing jazz because rock and roll is mostly music for young people, and you can play jazz whenever you want. It doesn t depend on your age, he says. I like jazz from the 1950s and people like [pianist - Oscar Peterson and [iconic composer-pianist Duke - Ellington and, of course, divas Ella [Fitzgerald - and Billie Holiday, and singer-pianist Ray Charles. My dad was a jazz fan, so he had some records. As the program name suggests, Makarevich also feeds off Jewish sentiments. His mother was Jewish, and he says he has a cultural ulterior motive for the project. Yiddish is a dying language, and maybe in another 20 or more years there won t be a lot of people who know Yiddish. The music which comes from that is wonderful, with a lot of happiness, and there were lots of funny Jewish songs in the 1930s and 1940s. I think people will enjoy hearing the songs I am bringing to Israel, he says.Andrey Makarevich will play on March 28 at 8:30 p.m. at the Haifa Auditorium; March 29 at 8 p.m. at the Gesher Theater in Tel Aviv; March 31 at 8 p.m. at the Performing Arts Center in Ashdod; and April 1 at 8 p.m. at the Performing Arts Center in Beersheba. For tickets, call *3221 or 072-275-3221
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聯The owners have a lot of work to do before we can swing any hammers. We are going to try to do as much as we can in conjunction with what they are doing,聰 Polce said. http://burberryoutlet.hotelwestpoint.com/ - burberry outlet online Advertisement h http://oakleysunglasses.jennrush.com/ - oakley glasses
HB 2578 requires developers be given a right to repair or replace any alleged defects. No lawsuit can be filed until the all the repairs are completed or until a builder refuses to take further action. http://michaelkorsoutlet.jennrush.com/ - michael kors bags outlet In order to wage its anti-Russia campaign, The Economist pretends
t width="85" height="122" alt="Subscribe" border="0"></a></td> http://oakleysunglasses.jennrush.com/ - oakley sunglasses "It would end the need for some of the disciplinary actions we see now," Chandler said. a
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She said her workout playlist includes hip-hop, house and dance music. http://truereligionoutlet.hotelwestpoint.com/ - http://truereligionoutlet.hotelwestpoint.com 5. When you think of Japan, you think of the food! I love everything from sushi to ramen to izakaya to onigiri. k http://truereligionoutlet.hotelwestpoint.com/ - truereligionoutlet.hotelwestpoint.com
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London to assess dozens of Israeli companies competing for a place on the<br /> http://michaelkorsoutlet.jennrush.com/ - michael kors outlet Citizens complain how their officials respond, or don't respond. Not his role, he notes. Settle the score on election day. y http://louisvuittonoutlet.jennrush.com/ - louis vuttion online store
Project Bridge, a nonprofit organization formed to assist families in need in the Florence Unified School District, was informed it would have to vacate its office and storage space in the old Florence Elementary School building. Tonya Thompson, executive director of Project Bridge, was informed her position was being eliminated due to the failure of the 2012 maintenance and operations override vote. Thompson said the organization didn鈥檛 have the necessary funds for rent, storage and her salary. http://truereligionoutlet.hotelwestpoint.com/ - http://truereligionoutlet.hotelwestpoint.com Although, the import duty charges in North Cyprus is quite less as compared to India where it is 100% and Brazil 340% import duty on foreign vehicles.
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