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Sir,Having read with much interest both letters of 'A concerned citizen and family', as well as those of 'Umm Abdullah' I wish to address a few points that they made. Firstly, I have to agree with 'a concerned citizen..' in that I too am worried about what my children are being taught in school and with the suitability of the teachers entrusted with their education. I am concerned because my 9-year-old witnessed an Indian worker forced to roll up his sleeves and unblock a toilet that was overflowing with excrement - with his bare hands! I am concerned because my son and his classmates witnessed the Kuwaiti deputy-head have a verbal confrontation with a non-Kuwaiti teacher and hear her scream 'eat sh*t and die!' (in Arabic); I am concerned because our children are terrified of speaking non-Arabic or a non-Kuwaiti dialect in the playground to each other or to greet their own parents at the school gate for fear of being ridiculed for doing so; I am concerned that by the time many of these same children who mocked non-Kuwaiti dialect/language - speakers come out of these schools as teenagers they act like American gangsta-rap-wannabes - blindly aping a culture utterly foreign to their own!; I am concerned that my 7-year-old daughter watched her teacher mock a new pupil's non-Kuwaiti dialect in front of the class and her classmates laugh (as the girl cried)! I am concerned that my children have already begun to see that wasta (calling-in favours) gets them further in this society than their hard-work, merit or education ever might! I am concerned, sad, and genuinely distressed that cleaners/maids/drivers/Asian workers etc are often treated as sub-human beings unworthy of respect, compassion, tolerance or basic human regard - and yet, at the same time, these same people are often expected to take on the monumental task of being surrogate parents to our 'cherished gems'!! http://www.coachhandbags.click/ - coach outlet online Rodgers also set a mark held by Starr. Having surpassed the NFL's minimum of 150 pass attempts to be considered a postseason record, Rodgers has moved ahead of Starr's longstanding NFL passer rating mark of 104.8. e http://www.l-v.me/ - lv bags
The Black Keys a cappella sounds intriguing. Which song do you do? http://www.coachhandbags.click/ - coach handbags 鈥?Ronald McDonald House鈥攚e collect Pop-Tops from individuals and restaurants all over the community and give them to the RMH to help pay the bills of the house.
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Some of the inquiries piqued the former Arizona tight end鈥檚 interest, and there were others he passed on. http://www.l-v.me/ - lv JOHN GREEN/Staff photoFollow Mercury News reporter Heather Somerville as she live-blogs from Superior Court in San Francisco on Tuesday, as closing arguments begin in the $16 million sex discrimination trial pitting Ellen Pao against her former employer, venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins.
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While there s no set time line of when the future projects should be accomplished, he said the goals will be broken down into short-term efforts, which could be achieved in the next two years; medium-term, which could be done in five years, and long-term, which could take five to 10 years, or even longer. http://www.coachoutlet.black/ - coach factory outlet Boosted by an all-Christmas format, doubled its share of the overall radio audience in Nielsen's holiday ratings period from Dec. 4-31, according to a report posted Friday by the industry newsletter v http://www.coachoutlet.black/ - coach outlet
Howk led the Panthers with 53 yards and a score on nine carries. Campbell added 50 yards and a score on nine attempts, Tristin Jones 49 yards on 10 rushes, Carpenter 38 yards and a touchdown on seven totes, Dylan Schlotman 33 yards on three carries, Brandon Omeara 29 yards on five attempts, Sidney Mitchner 25 yards on four carries and Kerwood 5 yards on one attempt. http://www.michael-kors.click/ - michael kors outlet online Mehmet Canatan , the head of Mustafa Pasha Mosque Preservation Society presented a proposal in front of government to impose entry on tourists who wish to see it.
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