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And because my kids have a highly sophisticated radar system hardwired into their genetic code, they can detect every opportunity to ingratiate themselves on my good side. Like when one锟絪 being particularly snarky, the other seizes the chance to suck up to me. Never fails. It锟絪 usually a real seesaw battle, although it锟絪 always entertaining for me.But lately, one of my girls is consistently blowing the others away as a model child. And as much as I try never to play favorites, I锟絤 compelled to give her the shout out she deserves. Because in my opinion, stand-out behavior deserves to be acknowledged. So I feel obliged to give her props for being my easiest, even though it goes against my nature to put one of them on a pedestal above the others.Now she is my oldest, by a lot, so in all fairness, she锟絪 had more time to mature and settle into herself. And I锟絭e taken that into consideration, believe me. But quite frankly, she锟絪 just naturally easy-going and low maintenance. And she loves to be with me, which, in and of itself elevates her status.I mean, what mother of girls doesn锟絫 fantasize about their daughters hanging on their every word? What mother wouldn锟絫 give anything to have her girls drop everything just to lie on the couch together and watch HGTV? What mother wouldn锟絫 offer to do her neighbor锟絪 laundry every day for life in exchange for a daughter who never complained, rarely made a mess, licked her plate clean, and sailed through puberty without even a second锟絪 worth of drama?Now do you understand why I just have to give my girl the recognition she deserves? I mean, she drops everything and comes running the second I call her name. And she锟絪 so eager to please that she锟絪 practically panting with excitement every time I yell for her. Talk about devotion. What mother wouldn锟絫 want to brag, at least a little bit?To be honest, I do kind of feel bad for my other kids, because this one锟絪 set the bar so high that it锟絪 almost impossible for the others to compete. And I think they realize that their sister is unique in that way. She锟絪 not like other girls. No sass. No attitude. Never slammed a door or talked back a day in her life. And, believe it or not, she锟絪 never actually asked me to buy her one single thing. Not one.Page 2 of 2 - She锟絪 dreamy, what can I say? Nails it in all the major categories. She锟絪 my most obedient, affectionate, passive, reliable child.Now I锟絤 the first to recognize that no kids are created equal. They锟絭e all got their own special and unique qualities that makes them lovable and endearing. But the reality of parenthood is that there are always kids who capture your heart in extraordinary ways. There just are. And I don锟絫 think there锟絪 anything wrong with celebrating those exceptional kids for being so remarkable. You know, at some point along the line, we just have to be allowed to call a spade a spade. So that锟絪 exactly what I锟絤 doing.With the exception of a couple of challenging years when she was young and a little wild and often hard to control, she锟絪 given us next to no grief.I guess if I had to put my finger on it, I锟絛 say she really hit her stride right around the time she was spayed. It was right after that that she settled down and she锟絪 been a rock star ever since.Ok, so anatomically speaking, my favorite child isn锟絫 exactly your typical child. In fact, she锟絪 not a bonafide child at all. She锟絪 my 10-year-old beagle, Lilly. But my daughters love her like a sister, and as far as Dave and I are concerned, she锟絪 just another one of our kids. And as much as I hate to rank them against each other, right now she锟絪 my favorite. And she锟絪 earned it.Maybe if my other daughters start licking my face and come when I call them, their stock will go up. Maybe. In the meantime, my dog will retain the title of Favorite Child. At least until one of my other kids learns how to fetch me the paper. Then it锟絪 anybody锟絪 ballgame.Lisa Sugarman lives in Marblehead, Massachusetts. Read and discuss all her columns at itiswhatitiscolumn.wordpress.com. She is also the author of 锟絃IFE: It Is What It Is,锟?available on Amazon.com.
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鈥淚t鈥檚 a DNA of our basketball program. We are going to defend and we are going to rebound,鈥?head coach Heather Macy said. 鈥淚 cannot guarantee much more but I can guarantee that each night. It was just a really good win. Three games, six days 鈥?the turnaround is really quick with the preparation.鈥?http://www.michaelkors.us.org/ - michael kors Talks began yesterday in Switzerland. The aim is for Iran and the six world powers 鈥?the U.S., Russia, China, the UK, France and Germany 鈥?to agree on the outlines of a deal by March 31 and to have details fine-tuned by July 1. n http://www.michaelkors.us.org/ - michaelkors
On Wednesday, Schimel will provide personnel and logistical resources to continue Drug Take-Back days, which . http://www.abercrombieandfitch.us.org/ - abercrombie and fitch But it wasn't going to happen.
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neighbourhood. http://www.michaelkorsoutletonline.me/ - http://www.michaelkorsoutletonline.me 锟絋he Unspeakable: And Other Subjects of Discussion,锟?by Meghan Daum. Farrar, Straus and Giroux, New York, 2014. 257 pages. $26.For some tough, smart reading to kick off the new year, consider 锟絋he Unspeakable: And Other Subjects of Discussion,锟?a new collection of personal essays by Meghan Daum.If one of your resolutions is to march more authentically into 2015, to proceed more thoughtfully and more consciously, this book, along with a few meditation primers, might just get you off on the right foot.To use author Meghan Daum锟絪 words, 锟絋he Unspeakable锟?is about the spin we put on our lives. I锟絤 giving it to you as straight as I can.Her first essay, 锟組atricide,锟?is, as the cliche goes, a sliver of just such unvarnished truth. Daum was reading a magazine article when her mother died. She and her brother heard a gasp from the other room. Daum called out and got no response.This was not what friends today describe as the kind of 锟絞ood death锟?we锟絩e supposed to aim for. It was, instead, the death of a mother whose shortcomings left Baum detached and searching for clues to self.But this is how many parents die, and that锟絪 Baum锟絪 aim here. Children adopt fraudulent behaviors in keeping with norms. Daum writes that her mother adopted affectations. She was an 锟給utline of a person锟?who required vast amounts of praise.Much of their lives together was played out for effect, even holding hands in the doctor锟絪 office when getting the bad news. Her mother died of gallbladder cancer nine months after the diagnosis. Her last days, spent in a fog of dementia, were for Daum the most unguarded and likable.Baum writes that she dated a lot of men, and that many of them were eccentrics and characters. She dated them for their 锟絧lotlines锟?and for the 锟絝ieldwork aspect锟?of her coming of age. The man she called Desk Chair thought he was the reincarnation of Jesus Christ. As is Baum锟絪 essay style, she begins with anecdotal specifics and then ranges further out, expanding the discussion.In 锟絋he Best Possible Experience,锟?she examines her dating history and uses examples to get to some understanding of herself. In a panel discussion and debate about marriage called 锟終not Yet,锟?she delivers a painstakingly researched, ardently delivered message that failed to inspire the kind of reaction she wanted. Instead, a rabbi called her a romantic, leaving her with much to reconsider. She asks, 锟紿ow did I get to be middle-aged without actually growing up?锟?in 锟絅ot What It Used to Be.锟紿ere she moves from the iconic movie, 锟絋he Big Chill,锟?to an off-air discussion between Katie Couric and Bryant Gumbel in which they try to comprehend the meaning of the Internet. It was secretly filmed and the short chat went viral on YouTube. Baum determines that the onset of the digital revolution created a divide, a before and an after that clumps certain generations and separates others.Page 2 of 2 - 锟紿onorary Dyke锟?is good reading, especially when paired with 锟組atricide.锟?Here锟絪 where we see Daum targeting 锟絤ystery girls锟?while in public school. She doesn锟絫 stalk them but she studies them, sometimes adopting attributes or a certain style of dress or something they own.She gravitates toward the quietly tomboyish girls, and in her 30s, redefines her own look in her identification with females. She cuts her hair, appearing so gender neutral as to cease attracting men. She hangs out with lesbians and says she was in it for the sociology.This essay is appealing for its psychology and for its rejection of 锟絙osomy, spray-tanned, baby-crazed bling femininity that has become a cartoon version of itself.锟?Hooray for Daum. She praises the women models in the Title Nine sportswear catalog and the lesbians who to her appear self-possessed and self-actualized.In concert with 锟組atricide,锟?where she shows a childhood of affectation subbing for centered, purposeful navigation, her fieldwork studying 锟絤ystery girls锟?and lesbians makes sense. She锟絪 looking for like kind to model after.All the essays in this book are worthy of close reading. I liked 锟絋he Dog Exception锟?for its candor about the grief felt after losing a beloved pet.There锟絪 nothing in our society that acknowledges the depth of the grief, and there are no rites, rituals or protocols for coping. Not everyone who loses a pet suffers as long or as deeply, but people with essentially absent or unskilled parents along with people who锟絭e suffered other ungrieved losses do grieve long and hard after the loss of a pet.Psychology is everywhere afoot in this book. Learn from, rather than judge, Baum. Baum writes in her introduction that her goal is to get closer to 锟絧rimal reactions锟?to her experiences before they are overwritten by the public persona part of us that falls in line with 锟絧re-assigned emotional responses;锟?that is, she wants to get at how we really respond versus how we are expected to respond.Thus, Baum is doing what a good personal essayist is supposed to do: Dig deep. Mine exhaustively. Get a little banged up in the process.She writes in her introduction, also, about how much she reveals. She, as all good essayists do, chooses judiciously. She wants to consider how 锟絣ife锟絪 burning issues are considered inappropriate for public and private discussion.锟?She says, 锟絀t锟絪 about the unspeakable thoughts many of us harbor.锟紸nd, thanks to essayists like Baum, we are a little more unburdened because of her skills, the risks she chooses to take and the stories she tells. In the end, the recounting is in the service of ideas. Mission accomplished.Rae Padilla Francoeur锟絪 memoir, 锟紽ree Fall: A Late-in-Life Love Affair,锟?is available online or in some bookstores. Write her at rae.francoeur@verizon.net . Read her blog at freefallrae.blogspot.com or follow her @RaeAF.
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