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Cruz's admission comes one day after CNN first reported that the senator would no longer have access to health benefits through his wife's employer, Goldman Sachs. Heidi Cruz, a managing director at the firm's Houston office, has gone on unpaid leave for the duration of the senator's presidential campaign and will not have access to the company's benefits during that time. http://coach.stores.black/ - coach handbags The most strides have been in the self-confidence in themselves and more importantly the confidence in their teammates, Aldrich said. I think earlier (in the season) you had kids trying to do too much themselves, thinking they had to do everything. But now they've jelled to the point where they can trust their teammates. x http://michaelkors.stores.blue/ - michael kors
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The largest video scoreboard in college football is coming to Auburn. http://coach.stores.black/ - coach outlet store online The district recently decided to move up the timeline for a new elementary and a new middle school in Erie by a year, opening in the fall of 2017.
l Sinuan says she is proud to look after the area, where she's worked for close to three decades she has become attached to it. http://coach.stores.blue/ - http://coach.stores.blue If we had the money we wouldn t have people living here: it is an unliveable space, he said, adding that the government s financial issues meant services were being reduced across the board. We have cut down on security and fire fighters in all IDP and refugee camps in Erbil governorate to the level where it becomes hazardous. http://oakley.stores.blue/ - oakley sunglasses
The said that Andhra Pradesh and Telangana must share the coveted tech-industry hub Hyderabad as a capital city for 10 years, after which it would become Telangana鈥檚. http://michaelkors.stores.black/ - michael kors outlet The biannual tradition has taken a life of its own since it started in 2011. People sport couture fashion from the 1920s to the 1970s and stroll around the park. http://coach.stores.blue
Fairfax Media was told by a source familiar with the president's handling of the case that he made his decisions based on little more than a list of drug offenders on death row. http://coach.stores.black/ - coach handbags Burlington 3, Kettle Moraine 1: Junior outside hitter Nolan Rueter had 18 kills to lead the Demons past the Lasers in a semifinal match. p http://coach.onlinestore.us.com/ - coach outlet online
Fork native was well established in his sport when he met his future wife. He chuckles http://michaelkors.stores.blue/ - michael kors It's #MyJamMonday on , so basically get ready to have a medley of pop songs in your head by the end of the evening. Plus: We have our first elimination of Season 20! Which couple got sent home? Read our recap to find out: and (cha cha)Their jam: "Time of Our Lives" by PitbullThe dance: We see Chris and Witney (not Whitney) butting heads over the former Bachelor's inability to memorize his steps during rehearsal. And it's a bad omen, as he's pretty much out of sync for the duration of their performance. His technique isn't completely terrible, but the timing is so far off that it torpedoes the dance.What the judges say: says the dance was a little messy, but okay considering Chris has no dance experience and only four days to rehearse. compliments Chris' enthusiasm, but is a little more harsh, comparing Chris' timing to Jell-O (but on a positive note, he says Chris was "erect"). advises him to concentrate more on the details and be less casual during the dance.Score: 21 (out of 40) and (jive)Their jam: "Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On" by Jerry Lee LewisThe dance: Suzanne takes Julianne's plea for more "raunch" to heart - but luckily her definition of "raunch" isn't as crass as it could be. (She is in her 60s, after all.) It's a fine routine, and even if Suzanne does lack some of Tony's flexibility and natural rhythm, she matches his energy and looks like she's having the time of her life out on the floor.Page 2 of 6 - What the judges say: Julianne loves the sass, and Bruno says it was "teasy but not sleazy." Carrie Ann praises Suzanne's bounce and notes that she didn't miss a step. Len says Suzanne dances like someone 50 years her junior.Score: 28 and (foxtrot)Their jam: "You Make Me Feel So Young" by Michael BubleThe dance: The pair that is the subject of this season's showmance tackle the foxtrot for Week 2. (Robert continues to creep me out beyond belief in his interviews, so I'm trying to not let that affect my perception of their dancing.) The routine is fine, and Robert is definitely more graceful than he was last week, but his facial expressions! That plastered-on smile makes him look like a used car salesman and I can't handle it.What the judges say: Bruno says Robert's confidence overrides any technical glitches, but he needs to work on his extensions. Carrie Ann says their cuteness makes her nauseous. (Me too, but I don't think Carrie Ann meant it in the same way.) Len compliments Robert's footwork, and Julianne gives Robert pointers on his frame.Score: 28 and (cha cha)Their jam: "California Gurls" by Katy PerryThe dance: Charlotte is upset about the feedback she's been getting online, so hopefully she won't read this recap. Whether it's due to self-consciousness or something else, Charlotte seems to lack any confidence whatsoever for the first part of the routine. She eventually starts to feel it and look like she's having a good time, but her steps still feel a little stilted and disjointed.What the judges say: Carrie Ann says she's got great legs but the feet could use a little work. Len thinks it was fun and an improvement from last week, and Julianne says Charlotte is showing great potential (and calls out her haters). Bruno tells Charlotte to ignore the naysayers and flaunt what she has - but be more disciplined about what she's doing with her body.Score: 26Page 3 of 6 - and (foxtrot)Their jam: "Working My Way Back to You" by The SpinnersThe dance: Michael's clearly been working on his extensions, and he's lost that horrible fake smile - but now looks like he's concentrating too hard. Can't win! Still, this is a vast improvement over Week 1, and Michael looks like he's reached down deep and pulled out a little bit of finesse to boot.What the judges say: Len gives Michael's frame and footwork a thumbs up, and Julianne compares it to a Broadway performance. (Let's not get carried away, Julianne.) Bruno compliments Michael's butt (again), but tells him to keep it in check. And Carrie Ann marvels at his "transformation" from last week.Score: 28 and (cha cha)Their jam: "Rumor Has It" by AdeleThe dance: Rumer has it! (Get it?) And by "it," we mean the whole package. She's down-to-earth in interviews, clearly working hard in rehearsals, and her dancing is insane. (Those legs!) Her coordination and intense attitude are operating at a Week 6-ish level, and we're only on the second show. The only time she seemed to lose some of the intensity was going down the steps, but that's forgivable in Week 2. We can officially call Ms. Willis the surprise Season 20 frontrunner, right?What the judges say: "You're pretty much a powerhouse," Julianne tells Rumer, but advises her to breathe a little more. Bruno loves the sense of purpose she gives the dance. Carrie Ann praises Val's choreography and loves Rumer's hard, un-tentative steps. Len says the dance could have used a little more cha cha and makes a rumor/Rumer pun.Score: 32 and (jive)Their jam: "My Sharona" by The KnackThe dance: Redfoo's definitely stepped up his game after last week's performance, and he's much better-suited to an upbeat jive. Redfoo's a goofball, and this dance allows him to show off his wackier side (while still staying remarkably disciplined as far as the steps are concerned). It's fun and energetic, and probably the most engaging routine of the night so far.Page 4 of 6 - What the judges say: Redfoo "went from running on empty to running on plenty," according to Bruno. Carrie Ann high-fives him and says he "killed it." Len says the dance had great energy but lacked technique, a critique Julianne adamantly disagrees with.Score: 31 and (Argentine tango)Their jam: "Somebody That I Used to Know" by GotyeThe dance: I guess the trick for Mark here is to allow Willow to dance a relatively sexy dance while keeping in mind that she is just 14 years old. Points for their paint-splattered costumes, which is a cool idea, and props to Willow for performing like a grown woman rather than a teenager. Their lifts are totally graceful, and Willow shows an impressive lack of hesitation in giving herself over to the routine.What the judges say: Carrie Ann notes that the competition is getting pretty tight, and compliments both the concept and Willow's lines. Len loves her maturity and the lifts, and Julianne praises Willow's intensity. Bruno agrees with the comments about her lines and maturity (and is impressed with the paint too).Score: 32 and (samba)Their jam: "Homegrown Honey" by Darius RuckerThe dance: Noah sweetly dedicates this song to his girlfriend Jamie, who's been gone for six months in basic training (and stuns Noah by coming out from backstage at the end of their routine. Aw!) We get a country samba from him and Sharna, as well as a play for the skin vote with an open shirt on Noah (to show of his, admittedly, very nice abs). He and Sharna really do have great chemistry, and Noah demonstrates an impressive level of confidence and smoothness throughout the routine.What the judges say: Len is jealous of Noah's abs and his hip rhythm. Julianne says Noah has great musicality, and Bruno enjoyed the country-Latin hybrid, as well as Noah's timing and control. Carrie Ann says that Noah's physical limitations actually enable him to bring a whole new set of skills to the dance floor.Score: 27Page 5 of 6 - and (rumba)Their jam: "Thinking Out Loud" by Ed SheeranThe dance: Noah's not the only one going for the skin vote, with Derek also opting for an open shirt. He and Nastia certainly have the sensuality down, and Derek's choreography is typically stellar. Nastia's bend during the dip in particular is amazing enough on its own, but really the whole dance is perfectly executed.What the judges say: Julianne tells Nastia she's the most "naturally gifted" dancer in the competition, but says their connection felt false for the first half of the dance. Bruno loves Nastia's motion and flow, and Carrie Ann is (almost) rendered speechless. Len agrees with Julianne that the dance took a while to "blossom," but when it did it was wonderful.Score: 34 and (foxtrot)Their jam: "Sugar" by Maroon 5The dance: It seems like Allison and Riker may have spent more time on his hair than on rehearsal this week, but once they start the routine it's clear that they must have done something else in addition. Riker adopts a more subdued technique than his rocking-out routine from last week. It's nice to see a softer side of him, and to see that he can show a little grace when it's called for.What the judges say: Bruno says both Riker's look and the dance are "slick," and Carrie Ann says Riker's arms set him apart. Len nitpicks that his holds could use a little work, and Julianne loves the choreography.Score: 32 and (salsa)Their jam: "In Da Club" by 50 CentThe dance: Personally, I think the fact that Patti chose "In Da Club" as her jam means she should get automatic 10s, but she's also the first Season 20 contestant to be plagued by an injury (her knee). However, once the routine stars, I'm confused why the focus is on the "waitress" and other "club patrons" rather than on her. I'm not sure how much salsa this routine contained, but she certainly got her grind on a bit, so good for her. Did anyone else feel like this dance lasted 30 seconds?Page 6 of 6 - What the judges say: Carrie Ann bows down to Patti. Did she watch the same dance I did? Len compares Patti to a "big white fluffy cloud" (a compliment?). Julianne also gushes that Patti is a "baller." Bruno calls Patti a V.I.P. and likens her to Cookie from Empire. But no one really mentions anything about the dancing itself...Score: 28Now it's time for the first elimination of the season.In jeopardy: Redfoo and Emma, Suzanne and Tony, Charlotte and Keo, Chris and WitneySafe: Charlotte and Keo, Chris and WitneyEliminated: Redfoo and EmmaWhat did you think, Dancing fans? Which was your favorite routine of the night? And were you disappointed to see Redfoo and Emma go home? Sound off in the comments!Dancing with the Stars airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.View original at Other Links From TVGuide.com
There are no comments yet. Be the first to post your thoughts. or . http://coach.onlinestore.us.com/ - coach outlet In some cases, the calls become looped in the network and are never completed. In other cases, the calls are delivered via a low quality network which results in poor sound quality, the , which runs a local telephone company and has been grappling with the issue for years, says on its website.
Northeast Senior High, 1717 54th Ave. N., 7 a.m. to 1:45 p.m. http://michaelkors.stores.black/ - michael kors bags Q. If my son was suspended, and I disagree with his suspension, but the school will not let go of the suspension and the district supports the school, how can I challenge it?
Most Americans know something in general about the 鈥淭roubles鈥?in Northern Ireland, but the depth and pervasiveness of the conflict may surprise people. For example, according to 鈥溾€?1,鈥?if you were Catholic, you wouldn鈥檛 even set foot in a Protestant neighborhood, and vice versa. How anyone can tell the difference between an Irish Protestant and an 鈥?without striking up a conversation about transubstantiation and the intercession of saints 鈥?is a mystery to me. But the residents had their own ways of telling, and these were matters of life and death. http://michaelkors.stores.blue/ - michael kors outlet online collision course.
i k=: 4=2DDlQA`Qm#@3 r@@ 6[ (9:E69@CD6[ *F @? W#XkDA2? DEJ=6lQ7@?E\D:K6i `aAIjQmk3C 4=2DDlQ0 460E2886503CQ ^mk^DA2?mk^=:m http://michaelkors.stores.blue/ - michaelkors.stores.blue "Measure B represents a unique constraint to multi-family and high-density housing," and since "the city is required to address and mitigate or remove constraints," council "must also include programs to address the constraint of Measure B."
It has received a $35,000 grant from the Juvenile Welfare Board for non-operating capital expenses. This was used to purchase the new cafeteria tables and chairs, as well as a new Smart Board and tablets for the girls to use on site. http://michaelkors.stores.black/ - michael kors outlet online Traffic control has to be aware of the trap they have created at this intersection. Perhaps warning signage on the turn signal traffic light would help, but more effective might be to have the left turn arrow turn steady-amber then red for several seconds before turning to flashing amber again. i http://oakley.stores.blue/ - oakley glasses
Since the health of your spine, which houses the nervous system, isn't something you want to gamble with, many health experts recommend seeking chiropractic care at the first sign of one or more of those indicators. http://coach.stores.black/ - coach outlet store online The Jazz Band The Jazz Band, directed by David Northrup, rehearses every Tuesday from 7:45 -9 p.m. and membership is open to everyone 18 years old and above. Contact David Northrup at (719) 336-3130 for more information.
t So off I go in search of the Green Papaya Lady - but Hai Ba Trung is one of the longest streets in Saigon, so I don't get my hopes up. As I pass Dien Bien Phu, I notice motorbikes pulling to the kerb, where they line up in front of a cart with a cabinet full of shredded green papaya. This has to be her. http://coach.stores.blue/ - coach factory outlet 鈻?Assistant Capitol Police Chief Dan Blackdeer didn't believe he had the authority to make an array of decisions that needed to be made quickly. Blackdeer had very little decision-making authority and needed to seek approval from the Department of Administration for routine decisions, she writes. i
Go-to line for enticing throws your way? It seemed yelling and waving did the trick for the Reeds. http://michaelkors.stores.black/ - michael kors outlet They sang 鈥淟a Bamba鈥?to spectators across the street from the new artisan 4th Street Market and posed for photos with passers-by. A 鈥減ayasito鈥?(clown) joined in and danced with nearby children. http://michaelkors.stores.black/ - michael kors outlet
The investigation into that event is ongoing and officials have not determined what was killing the dolphins. http://michaelkors.stores.black/ - http://michaelkors.stores.black Come up to the lab and see what's considered to be the longest-running film engagement in the United States. Brad and Janet stop by Dr. Frank-N-Furter's castle and find some strange goings-on, from sex to Busby Berkeley-style musical numbers to some of the campiest performances you'll ever see, featuring the young Susan Sarandon, Barry Bostwick, Tim Curry and, yes, Meat Loaf again. The local Sensual Daydreams cast acts out the movie as it's shown on-screen. (Showing at midnight Saturday only.) y http://oakley.stores.blue/ - oakley sunglasses
Number 6: http://michaelkors.stores.blue/ - michael kors bags Tips: Avoid cotton clothing as it doesn't dry quickly. Consider a slightly larger size for outer layers.
"This case should be about what Ms. Pao did for Kleiner Perkins," Exelrod said. http://coach.stores.blue/ - coach outlet online When Adihia Bell scored four touchdowns against Watertown in the final game of the regular season, he was just warming up. z http://coach.onlinestore.us.com/ - coach outlet
But amid all the high prices, there are always parcels of wine that need not break the bank, such as La Chenade (made by Denis Durantou of Ch芒teau L鈥橢glise Clinet), which tasted very well yesterday and retails for less than 鈧?5 a bottle. http://michaelkors.stores.blue/ - michaelkors.stores.blue 鈥⑩€⑩€?
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